Feed Viewer

The Joy of Reading

Be Resistant to Fake News

Reading a diverse mix of websites specialized on topics of your interest is beneficial for your thinking as well as healthy and balanced diet. Feed Viewer identifies sources that do not distinguish between truth and fake news. We must prevent private companies from trying breaking down democracy.

Don't Live in a Social Bubble

News offering based on recommendation algorithms creates personalized bubble which limits information reach. In human history, written text was always used discovering and comparing meanings of others. Recommendation algorithms are created in an opposite way – they make sure people in their opinion whatever it is.

Choose Your Time

Access news when it's the right time for you without worrying about missing something. You will see all articles no matter how often you launch the app. When you have a minute, you can discover what is interesting and save it for reading later. An article will never show again once marked as read.

Hide from Trackers

Verizon adds a HTTP header called X-UIHD to every unencrypted website visited from a mobile. When you login to Facebook, it can track all websites you visit which contains a Like button. Feed Viewer is designed with privacy in mind. When you use it, your ISP cannot make a profile of webpages you are visiting by tracking your DNS requests. Advertisement providers cannot track you by cookies or browser fingerprint.