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Do not browse, just follow. Read all the articles of your favorite websites in an easier way. See entire news on one screen. Taste constantly improving quality since 2006.

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Make the most of every spare minute

Use Feed Viewer when the right time is for you without worrying about missing anything. You will see all new articles no matter how much time has passed since you last left the app. When you have a minute, you can discover what is interesting and save it for reading later. Your selection is ready to read when you have more time.

Organize your reading in one place

Aggregate all your trusted sources into one application in an easy manner. Subscribe content from multiple websites specialized on topics of your interest rather than consume general vague information from a single source. Reading a diverse mix or sources is beneficial for your mind as is a balanced diet for your health.

Avoid information overload

Pick up what really interests you. Pay attention to what you read. Websites are designed to distract your attention. Feed Viewer, on the other hand, is designed for staying focused. Reduce opportunities for procrastination. Do not allow anyone to steal your time. Articles will never show again on any of your devices once marked as read.

Step over your social bubble

Do not live in a social bubble. News offering based on recommendation algorithm creates personalized bubble which limits information reach. It does not serve you to gain a greater outlook. It is created in an opposite way – it will confirm you in your opinion, whatever it might be. Feed Viewer does not apply any filtering.

Save your time

Do not waste your time by periodically looking for new articles on your favorite web sites. Feed Viewer can do it for you. Fresh content is instantly served to you. Go through all articles since you last left the app and quickly skip those you do not care about. Saved articles for read later will be available on all your devices.

Support the environment

Powerful cloud takes care of discovering new content while your device can relax. Centralized processing can be done more efficiently than individual processing on every single device. This approach keeps high processor performance, internet bandwidth and battery power. It saves a lot of energy and helps the environment.

Be untouchable to hackers

Feed Viewer does not execute remote code like all other browsers. Scripts are intentionally disabled to protect you from malicious software. It also blocks all cookies of any kind. Your browsing history is not recorded and tied to your personal account. Feed Viewer does not know who is using the app. All user profiles are anonymous.

Be invisible to trackers

Many internet companies are tracking their users. Once you login to Facebook or Google, they can track you on all websites which are using their scripts. ISP is tracking you by your DNS requests. Feed Viewer is designed with privacy in mind. Advertisement providers cannot track you by cookies or browser fingerprint.