Technical documentation

Feed Viewer is a web browser designed specifically for reading blog posts.

Feed Viewer User Agent String

Feed Viewer identifies itself by HTTP header User-Agent: FeedViewer/1.0 (+; license agreement: To exclude Feed Viewer from browsing your web deny its requests recognized by this user agent string.

To prevent your web feed to be included in Feed Viewer search results disalow it in robots.txt file. It takes several days before the changes in this file takes effect.

How to display web feeds

Your home page must contain a link inside the head tag of the HTML document: <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" title="Your site" href="" />.

How to display articles

You can annotate your articles in HTML markup by microdata to be more confident that articles will show correctly. Copyright information shown below the article is taken from the web feed.

How to display advertisements

The advertisement is displayed if is contained in the article body and is implemented by a supported web standard.

Supported web standards