You can transfer your Feed Viewer ID more easily

The latest update (version 150.1.5) has several new features. The most significant is the new way of transferring user’s ID to another devices. The old method wasn’t very convenient. The app generated a special link which had to be transferred via email on target device and user had to click on the link after he installed the app. The new method is much easier. You just click on the button and app will generate a single-use token. When the app launches for the first time, it allows to choose whether to create a new user profile or use an existing one. The second method requires just rewriting the token to active user’s profile on another device.

Other improvement is focused on sharing experience. In the case the receiver has Feed Viewer installed, the article is opened within the app. Moreover, it is saved into a new specialized category of shared articles. It serves similarly as reading list, but it contains only those articles which were shared by others. (The content of this category is not synchronized with other devices yet, but it is something what will be done in the future update.)

And one more thing – Feed Viewer is available for iPhone devices in the TestFlight program. The application is practically ready for existing users of the version for Windows. Synchronization with iPhone should work as easily as with Windows Mobile. In fact, synchronization improvements introduced last year were inspired and backported from the Feed Viewer prototype for iOS.

Friday, March 27, 2020